The Irish Steel Guitar Festival - 2017

Dates: Saturday, 14 and Sunday 15 October
Venue: The Green Isle Hotel, Dublin
Featuring: Jay Dee Maness

You need to be there!



Friday, 10 March 2017

Look who came to chat about steel guitars! 

Yes, Matt Allwright drove over to my place and brought with him his beautiful Bennett S8 lap steel with a Duesenberg Multibender - fitted by Mick Johnson (  

Matt's Bennett S8 before Multobender fitted 

Matt's Bennett S8 with Duesenberg Multibender

Matt is a steel guitar fanatic and has acquired a huge amount of knowledge and playing ability in a relatively short time!  You need to check out one of his webpages, namely:

In his research, he found Luke Cyrus Goetze, /
Some very musical playing.  Shame about the lack of finger-picks  (I don't know if I'm joking, or not! - it sounds so good!) 
Luke is from the US, but currently living in Munich, Germany.  He's very good, in my view.




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